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  • Enrique Balestrini

Windows on Aruba pioneering the Late Night Brunch.

For those who enjoy the unlimited perks of brunch, Windows on Aruba stepped it up to a new level: Brunch at Night...on a Friday!

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch

Is not often that we are willing to wake up early on a Sunday, rush out to a restaurant and have some friends in for the plan, we all like to sleep in... Cleverly, the team at Windows on Aruba alongside CAVA Wines and Spirits came up with the idea to throw a monthly brunch at night. 4 hours of all-you-can-eat à la carte menu, unlimited sparkling wine as well as crafted cocktails. A rather dangerous mix!

Let's not forget where it happens: Windows on Aruba is one of the most beautiful establishments in Aruba. Located inside the Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort reigns supreme on top of the clubhouse, giving you almost a 360 degrees view of the golf course and the sea beyond it. It's really stunning. They have a legendary fine dining service and the now top-rated Sunday brunch. In the past, they have hosted incredible culinary events, like the Michelin Star dinner back in 2019 that not a single person that attended can forget.

Windows on Aruba Late brunch
Sunset from Windows on Aruba

Late Night Brunch at Windows on Aruba welcomes you at 6 PM. One of the best parts of it is to see the sun go down (glass in hand) from the comfort of their tables. Subtle tunes filled the ambient mixed live by Oscar, on a charge of the music flow for the night. The service, exceptional as expected will stay on top of everything never letting your glass get empty. The Bellinis are not pre-mixed on a pitcher, every single glass is served at the moment and to your liking. Just a splash!

La Cava provided Ron Diplomático and Canaima Gin for Mojitos and Orange Gin Tonics. Fantastic option when you are done eating and want to keep the party going.

Ok enough of me talking about the vibes. Let's get into the food! The menu is vast (link here) and targets every craving imaginable. The appetizers section shows an eclectic selection going from the classics like tuna tartare and escargot to Japanese dishes like Kushikatsu and Omurice. Everything beautifully presented. Some pics:

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Suppli: Roman beef risotto croquette

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Crab Cake served with spicy mango and papaya and cilantro tartar sauce

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Norwegian Smoked Salmon on a crispy potato cake

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Kushikatsu: Breaded chicken skewer with Japanese sweet potato fries

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Scallops served with spinach risotto

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Escargot with crostini

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Tuna Tartare

My favorite was the Norwegian Salmon by far! Great combination of flavors and temperatures with the hot potato cake, cold salmon, and crème fraîche.

Having indulged enough on the appetizers, my pick for the main course was the grilled Lamb lollipop. Me and my friends were obsessed with this dish.

Windows on Aruba Late brunch
Grilled Lamb Lollipop

For documenting purposes 😉 here is a pic of the grilled tenderloin:

Windows on Aruba Late Brunch
Grilled Tenderloin

We were having a great time but couldn't leave without trying and photographing some desserts...

Windows on Aruba Late brunch
Hawaiian Black Chocolate lava ice cream

Windows on Aruba Late brunch
Raspberry Cheesecake

They were delicious, especially the black ice cream.

One last Canaima Gin before leaving. Tasted even better served by Angelica, the Venezuelan lady behind the bar.

Windows on Aruba Late brunch

It's impossible to try all the dishes from such an extensive menu which leaves me with the curiosity to come back next month.

We had a fantastic time that night! Windows on Aruba made sure that the good dishes and drinks never stopped flowing. I think these late-night brunches are a brilliant Friday plan. I hope other restaurants jump in the wagon and start organizing these kinds of evenings. It was a massive success.

If you want to join for the next one, make sure you follow Windows on Aruba on Facebook to stay updated and run to make your reservation, these tables sell like hot potato cakes with Norwegian salmon.

Special thanks to the Windows on Aruba Team for the hospitality and the Divi Resort management for the invitation.

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