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  • Enrique Balestrini

7 AM Breakfast at Amore Mio.

On a rainy Wednesday, a couple of friends went for breakfast at 7 AM. This is how it went down at Amore Mio.

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

Nobody can deny Amore Mio's fame for quite some time among the locals and tourists for their Pizza and Sangría, plus it's right in the heart of Palm Beach (click here for location), close to the party! I have been hearing about their brunch and breakfast offerings and have been curious to give it a try. So a group of friends decided to go on a rainy Wednesday morning to have a good cup of coffee and something a little above toast and jam.

The Ambiance.

When I say this is a prime location I don't lie. Easy parking in the back of the restaurant, walking distance to every hotel on the strip, and minutes away from the beach. The terrace of the restaurant is just on the side of the road so an entertaining view is assured. After the rain, the day was becoming beautiful and the sky was turning into that intense blue that December brings. Charleston, our server was quick on his feet to take our orders and bring us the coffee to get us started on our daily quota. Maybe the reggaeton playlist blasting that early in the morning would not be my mood choice but hey, whatever keeps these guys making a good coffee.

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life
Amore Mio Terrace, right on the Palm Beach Strip.


The Food.

The menu is short and uncomplicated (click here to view) and has a nice selection of the classics like the avo toast, the eggs Benedict, the Açaí bowl, the omelet... it's all in there. For drinks: Coffee, juices, and smoothies. I was surprised that there was not an American Breakfast available, I often find myself craving one.

The greatest star of this experience was the coffee. It was freaking fantastic! I forgot to ask the brand but I assumed it was Lavazza for the branding of the cup. The Crema, that reddish-brown froth that rests on top of your coffee, is formed when air bubbles combine with fine-ground coffee's soluble oils, giving it a fuller, longer taste, indicating quality and a skilled barista, was there on both of the cups I drank. This was a simple black coffee, nothing pre-made that comes out of a pitcher. A+.

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

Deciding on having both sweet and savory dishes our order was French Toast ($6.50), Bacon Eggs Benedict ($7), and Matcha Bubble Waffle ($10.50).

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

The french toast was good. Appreciated the fact that it was not overly sweet. Adding too much sugar to bread as rich as Brioche can be overpowering. It's not really a big portion, a third slice would have been welcomed.

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

The Bacon Eggs Benedict was tasty and neatly presented, that satisfying visual of a runny yolk will always have a special place in my heart. The croissant was a little stale but overall, bacon and eggs are a combo that you can't beat.

Amore Mio Aruba The FoodE Life

The Matcha Bubble Waffle was sweet. I thought it was gonna have a greener hue due to the matcha powder, however, it was nice. Add syrup on top to live life to the fullest 😎

I'll definitely go back. Just the coffee would be enough reason. The location is practical and the prices are not crazy... I still have more items on the menu to taste but you can't do it all in one sitting 😅

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