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Bid adieu to number two

Last hurrah of Infini's menu number two. Originally published on May 29, 2021.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini

This is the last weekend of menu number 2 at Infini and it deserves an outstanding goodbye. Infini’s ode to the sea with 6 courses featuring fruits from the ocean.


The tuna 3 ways as a first course is a great way for the diner to realize that this is an experience like no other in terms of creativity and taste. My favorite was the tuna tartar (the

seaweed roll in the picture). It all comes paired with a gin‑based original cocktail named Salinity.

Infini Aruba
Tuna. Photo Credit: Infini Aruba

Bread & Butter

A slice of @t2pansourdough to spread with one of the world's best butters, the Beppino Ocelli with blueberries was mind blowing.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Blueberry infused butter. Photo credit: Infini Aruba


The way every dish is presented seems like a work of fine art like The Wahoo in vibrant reds, then The Scallops on a dark canvas.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Scallops. Photo credit: Infini Aruba

Mussels & Crab

The Mussels & Crab in luxurious golden tones.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Mussel & Scallops


For The Salmon trio, Chef Urvin served us a caja china grilled salmon next to possibly the tiniest burger ever inside of a Banh Mi bread and a version of the famous Saté using peanut powder and chicharrón.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Salmon. Photo credit: Infini Aruba

Salmon patty in Banh Mi bread

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Salmon patty in Banh Mi bread. Photo credit: Infini Aruba.


Infini’s folks displayed elegance with the Turbot presented next to different sauces, crèmes and oils.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Turbot. Photo credit: Infini Aruba

Cusi in Foglie di Castagno

Dessert section of the evening consisted of a chocolate mousse and Foglie di Castagno to be followed by an Asian Mimosa.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Cusi in Foglie di Castagno. Photo credit: Infini Aruba

Asian Mimosa

Every guest that I take to Infini’s table says that dining there will forever be a page in their book as one of the greatest experiences in Aruba and I cannot agree more!

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Asian Mimosa. Photo credit: Infini Aruba

Chef Urvin and company congratulations once again.

Make sure to follow Infini to stay tuned for more updates and special events!


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