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Bits & Cheeses, what's not to love?

It's always a struggle to find lunch or breakfast spots downtown. Went to Bits & Cheeses and now I have added it to my list of recommendations. What is it about? what's their offer? what's the tea...

Bits & Cheeses has been around for some time now, first time I knew about them I was at an event and saw this spectacular charcuterie board with their logo on it, later to find out that they have a location on Wilhelminastraat 63. Soon enough saw some friends hanging out there on insta stories.

The place is small but doesn't feel crowded, thing I appreciate in terms of service and comfort. Post covid times not a lot of us feel comfortable going back into crowded spaces.

The Menu

I went there for lunch but saw some nice breakfast offerings like Mediterráneo or Piemonte Breakfasts (both $8), consisting of sourdough bread toast with eggs and some toppings. Also some foccaccias and rustic breads topped with home-made hummus, olives, tomatoes, pancetta or mortadella. All in the savory side.

For Lunch, the menu has some gourmet sandwiches, raclettes and paninis. Everything has delicacies in it like: Truffle Gouda, Pancetta Pepata, Gruyère cheese and more. All under $10.

If you are into salads, they have couple options on the menu, both the Italiana and Green Goat seem to have a sweet and savory side to it with ingredients like honey balsamic vinegar or blueberry dressing.

For the pasta, the menu had 3 options which is great for Mr. Indecisive (AKA Me!), few options on the menu always make my life easier. Following my friend suggestion I ordered the truffle pasta.

Rigatoni in truffle oil, portobello mushrooms, red onion confit and roasted pumpkin seeds, Granapadano cheese on top. It was delicious and even though the description may sound heavy, it felt very lightweight and balanced. My only note to the reader, if you are a big appetite person or like big bowls of pasta, the portions could be small for you.

The Pasta Blu, according to my lunch date it was also delicious. Pasta dishes are $12.

They have a wine selection menu and they guide you with the pairing depending on what you are having. I didn't even have to ask. Always a nice detail! again, whatever makes my decision making process easier I appreciate.

Over a couple of glasses of wine we ordered a two-person charcuterie board. What an aesthetically pleasing thing to look at! Was it good? I don't think I need to tell you, the visual speaks by itself.

I will definitely go back and I highly recommend you put it on the list of downtown options. Reservations definitely suggested. They also open at night, I'll update you on that when I go and see what is there to try on the evening menu.

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