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  • Enrique Balestrini

Discovering Infini

Infini has been the talk of the town since its opening and I couldn't wait to have the opportunity to see what was all the hype about.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Celeriac: Cappuccino, Hazelnuts, Lemon

Eating from a golden spoon

My biggest respects to Chef Urvin Croes for creating this incredible space, particularly mid global pandemic, bold move I must say but when you trust your craft and put together such team of people you know the time must be right.

Chef Urvin Croes. Master at work

The infini experience is about eight courses, each of them celebrating a special ingredient as a star and complementing it with others that can come from diverse corners of the world or his own island, Aruba.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Johnny Cake

The logistics that should have been to fly in Langoustines from Holland, King Crab from Alaska or Cobia from Panama, sure it has a good story to tell, showing the lengths Chef Urvin is willing to go to achieve his creations.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
King Crab. Watercress, Achiote, Kombucha
Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Short Rib

I could go on and on and on to tell you every detail of each dish we tasted but the biggest hit is the performance the Infini team puts on every service, mind you, being seated in front of the kitchen where you can witness every detail put together, like watching a timelapse of those mega skyscrapers being built, is just fascinating... all in perfect order, everyone knows exactly what to do and when.

Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Tuna: Kimchi, Yuzu, Seaweed
Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Duck: Cabbage, Red Curry, Pani-puri

If I were you I would indulge into getting beverage pairing of wines from all regions of the world, I.P.A Beer and a Gin and St. Germain cocktail will enhance the evening and the flavors for sure. No need to be a connoisseur to be able to enjoy your Infini dinner, there will be a member of the team coming to you to tell you all about it and answer all the questions.

Signature Cocktail: Salinity. Gin, St. Germain, Nori.
Banana: Miso Ice Cream, Black Sesame, Cilantro
Pear ice cream with a touch of Truffle and beautiful Pecorino cheese
Italian Butter.
Infini Aruba Enrique Balestrini
Me and my friend Ali Héctor.

"Excellence and no less" I said to Urvin and Jessica at the end of the night, for me one of those things everyone must experience in their lifetime.

For reservations visit Infini


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