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  • Enrique Balestrini

Five Senses at BLT Steak Aruba

An incredible sunset welcomed that Friday night when local titans joined forces: the team from BLT Steak at The Ritz‑Carlton Aruba and Divino representing Caymus Vineyards brought us one of the most memorable evenings of the season with one wine pairing dinner featuring Wagyu beef as the main star.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba Enrique Balestrini

The front of house was full of known faces of the culinary scene of the island, all eager to enjoy a night out… we all have been wanting for so long to be out with friends again and oh the joy of having one of the famous Popovers (a cheesy bread unique from BLT Steak) in front of me.

Spectacular creations by the masters at work Mitch Pereira and Rafael López Aliaga started coming out like the Scallop crudo with some gem‑looking pomegranate seeds on top followed by what was my first taste of the famous beef with the Wagyu roll… buttery and tender, like… WOW!

They did not spare any creativity to produce this menu, doing a twist on the peruvian Anticuchos and a Wagyu Katsu Sando: of all things you could imagine doing with this fancy beef, chef Mitch created a sandwich! Something you wish you could have on any given Sunday while watching your favorite show. Brilliant!

But of course they had to present this delicacy cut at its finest… on a strip au jus with butternut squash purée topped with crispy shallots.

To finish the night con broche de oro ‑literally, they put gold leaf on top‑ a fantastic sea salted chocolate mousse that seemed like it came out from your wildest dreams.

Vino flowed all night with a pairing that was nothing but estellar thanks to Kiume Tjon‑A‑Tsien from Divino.

Stay pending for more culinary events by The Ritz-Carlton Aruba! They don't disappoint. Check their Facebook page for updates!


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