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  • Enrique Balestrini

Lima Bistro rose to the top like foam on a Pisco sour.

When Chef Teddy Bouroncle decided to put all his eggs in one basket (his own words) we knew greatness was coming our way. He did what needed to be done.

Lima Bistro Aruba

Lima Bistro has been open for quite some time now and has been the talk of the town. I put a question box on my instagram page @itsthefoodelife to ask where should I go next and people flooded the inbox to suggest that I should go to Teddy's place located on the Harbour House, downtown Oranjestad.

After a small struggle to figure out where the designated parking space was we arrived to the restaurant to find it almost full, mind you, a Thursday night in playa (local way to call Downtown Oranjestad) alive and happening!

The charm of the place is enhanced by Maria Eugenia, Teddy's wife as hostess and Mattias his own son serving the beautiful marble and wood tables. The vibe is vibrant, perfectly lit and well-curated with ornaments that mean something special to Bouroncle. He told me the story behind the Pucará Bulls (photographed below), a symbol of protection and happiness in Peru.


Of course your evening has to start with a Pisco Sour cocktail! a dangerous drink classic from Chile and Peru. It is basically a sweet lemonade, Pisco and couple drops of bitters, the white foamy surface is egg whites. Word on the street is that you shouldn't have more than two "piscos" because they get you drunk quickly. Of course I payed no mind to that.

Lima Bistro Aruba

Going into the menu, you could believe the restaurant is mainly Peruvian cuisine but really has international touches too. The menu is short and concise: 8 appetizers and 8 mains. Maybe they have something special going on that day which they will tell you about. Prices go from 11 to 13 U.S Dollars. The main courses start from $23. They are going to have us guessing what is going to be pulled out of the bag every Friday with changes on the menu but don't worry the classics will stay.

Lima Bistro Aruba

The food

They smartly placed a heavy hitter on top of the list, The Scallops. These sea shells with scallops in a shoyu butter sauce, topped with chips and chives were absolutely insane and should remain forever in the menu. What a way to start dinner.

LIma Bistro Aruba

When you read Salchipapas on the menu you can't help but feel intrigued about what Teddy has done to twist and elevate the street food snack. Well look at it:

Lima Bistro Aruba
Lima Bistro Aruba

Potato strings deep fried on top of mashed potatoes, chorizo and a runny egg, slightly truffle flavored. Yes you read it right and you need to have it when you visit. Make sure you order it only for yourself, you won't want to share this.

Of course a good ceviche had to be in the menu. Teddy's legendary Ceviche Pop-up at the Marriott years ago solidified his rep as a ceviche master. Chunky pieces of fish, sweet potato purée, cancha corn and all sorts of deliciousness together in a bowl topped with crispy calamari rings... And the Best Ceviche Award goes to....

Lima Bistro Aruba

The tuna tartare is a staple on many menus on the island but I am sure you've not seen it like this. What's under that crispy tortilla is magic.

Lima Bistro Aruba
Tuna Tartar

Staying on the tuna portion of the trip, the sashimi style with capers and leche de tigre is a great bold choice. Layers of tuna topped with a rich sauce. The capers touch is strong, I would say only for capers enthusiasts.

Lima Bistro Aruba
Sashimi Style Tuna

How could I not try a cocktail of Chicha Morada? It's like going to the beach and not taking a dip. This one is Pisco based with elderflower and blackberries. Here's Yunior behind the bar showing off his creation.

Lima Bistro Aruba

I was spying the orders running and even though I did not venture into the mains this time I got to photograph some of them for your viewing pleasure

Lima Bistro Aruba
Grilled Tuna Steak
Lima Bistro Aruba
Lomo Saltado
Lima Bistro Aruba

Third cocktail of the night and suggestion of Teddy's son Mattias, the Chilcano. I can describe it as a cousin of the Moscow mule but Pisco based. He told us it's very common to see the Chilcanos flowing in family gatherings back in Peru. Since you feel like family here in Lima Bistro, seemed right to have one.

Lima Bistro Aruba

Dessert time accompanied by a chat with Chef Teddy and his wife María Eugenia made the evening even more special. Showing you here it's the Crème Caramel or Quesillo, served with authentic vanilla ice cream and powdered butter. Told Teddy he should try a batch adding Rum to the mix of the Quesillo, I'll let you know if he reports back.

Lima Bistro Aruba
Crème Caramel

The evening was coming to an end and I left with my belly and heart full. Things are specially outstanding when they are made with love. HUGE congratulations to Lima Bistro for the massive success they have reached and the many more to come. Cheers!

Lima Bistro Aruba

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