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  • Enrique Balestrini

Yami Yami: She's an icon.

Everybody knows what Yami Yami is. The Asian Dutch fusion has been a part of our culinary culture for years. Tasty and affordable! What's not to love?

I remember the times in 2012 when I first got to know what a Yami Yami was. This combo was a lifesaver for so many of us when the budget was tight at the end of the month and for Afl. 11.50 ($6,50), you could get a substantial meal, and quick! Here's a menu that I posted on my facebook back in 2013, when I was living abroad and I couldn't go from my office to Asian Delight and get me one for lunch, pure nostalgia.

My go-to combo was Wonton Soup + Babi Pangang, an Indonesian roasted pork on top of "Bami", plain noodles. But there's also other stars like the Teriyaki chicken. Must try! Now, these are cheap options, the popular day-to-day combo, and you get what you pay for.

Those were the days when Asian Delight was located in Oranjestad. Sadly, they closed shop there and now they only operate from the Bubali location. Click for location.

But what I am here to talk about is their full menu. Contrary to what most people know about, Yami Yami has a very extensive offer full of Dutch-Asian specialties. From soups, the classic appetizers, noodles, rice, seafood... all you can imagine is there. This time I went for lunch and had some favorites. Here we go:

Shrimp Wonton Soup.

Different to my usual chicken wonton, this one I think can beat it. Clear broth -as it should be- and fresh bok choy the dumplings. It's perfect for a Saturday lunch, goes well with a beer.

Jumbo Loempia.

Jumbo is an understatement. Massive and crunchy. Tasty is a given. the filling is soy bean spouts, ham, cabbage and carrot. If you are a loempia afficionado you are gonna enjoy this.

Fried Wonton.

Pretty Self-explanatory. The sweet and sour sauce is the closest to the Venezuelan version, which I love!

Mihoen Yami.

These rice noodles are special. A combination of shrimp, pork, chicken and steak creaste this fantastic mix of flavors along with stir fried vegetables. There's a little charring happening that adds a smokey note. HIGHLY recommended. Alf. 29.50.

Shrimp with vegetables and cashew.

Another specialty! Strong garlic flavor seems to be the base of the sauce that covers the fresh bok choy, onions and broccoli. Jumbo shrimp cooked to the perfect point. White rice on the side is the ideal companion, just to mix with the sauce. There's no better way to have it. Afl. 33

Yami Yami is an undeniable part of our local takeout culture but I am here to encourage you to venture into their dining area and explore the menu. It's affordable and tasty.

Yami Yami does not have a social media presence and still is thriving and has been all these years! just so you know why there are no links below.

Here is a link to their info in google if you want to order takeout.

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