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  • Enrique Balestrini

Hotter. Juicier. Tastier. McDonald's.

Small changes made to 3 classic burgers revealed in a 3-course dining experience at McDonald's Aruba.

McDonald's Aruba

As they say on the internet: this was not on my 2023 Bingo Card, and I am talking about having a 3-course dinner at McDonald's. Well, it happened!

McDonald's Aruba

I think this was a first for any fast-food chain in Aruba. Usually, you see product roll-outs online or just in-store when they are launched, but I haven't heard of an event like this ever on the island.

McDonald's Aruba went all out. Rolled out the red carpet, backdrop, 360 photo-op, and a full store closed down for the occasion. Upon arrival, flutes of Prosecco were handed to everybody, very much welcomed to beat the heat that has been putting us "through it" lately. Familiar faces, members of the press, and influencers of all kinds started to arrive. Was McDonald's throwing the mixer event of the season? 😅

The invitation left in my mailbox days ago hinted at the purpose of the affair; McDonald's Aruba is making small changes to their classic burgers, the Big Mac, The Quarter Pounder, and the Cheese Burger that will make a big difference. We were going to learn about them and have the first taste.

McDonald's Aruba

A presentation was made revealing all the details and improvements these classics will receive. Here are the facts: New glaze and toasting for the buns, giving them more or less like a "pretzel bun" look. 9.4% better beef cooking, plus 3.5 grams of onion added to the patty right on to make them one with the beef and add a touch of that fried onion taste to it. The cheese will be tempered to 17.5 Celsius to ensure that the melting is correct. Higher efforts to ensure the freshness of the vegetables and the final touch: 50% more sauce for the Big Mac.

McDonald's Aruba

Would you say they are pleasing the Aruban crowd known for loving saucy burgers? I bet they are. Talking about how they considered the local input, local chefs were brought in to consult and give feedback about these improvements and we got to meet them: Chef Xalsky Schwengle (@privatechef.xalsky), Chef Rubén Hernández (@chefrubendh) Chef Daniel Hernández (@chefdanielhernandez)

Right after we raised a glass to the improvements and then a surprise tour of the kitchen was announced. It was a fun experience, 8-year-old me would have freaked out! I've always wanted to get in there and see how things work.

Knowing now how many sauces are behind the cashier I won't be shy anymore when asking for an extra one!

It was time for us to make our order, special request included and this was mine:

McDonald's Aruba

Curtains behind us opened and we were invited to sit at two big dining tables with a formal setup. Surely a first for all of us, this kind of way to experience McDonald's.

McDonald's Aruba

Closer look at the menu:

McDonald's Aruba

Can you imagine if a wine pairing had taken place too? I would've had a Sauvignon Blanc with the nuggets, Pinot Noir with the burger, and Prosecco with the ice cream.

The Nuggets.

Probably years have passed since I had McDonald's nuggets. This time around, I had time to focus on what they actually tasted like. There's a spice situation going on and I dare to say they are best enjoyed by themselves, no dipping sauce. We had options though: BBQ and Sweet and Sour.

McDonald's Aruba

The Burgers.

Yes, they look darker, the glaze that gives them color shows. The buns were soft, and the onions on the beef gave them an extra oomph. They're saucier, you have to grip them a little harder to avoid the layers from slipping. The fries were crunchy and salty, just like I remembered them.

McDonald's Aruba
Big Mac.

McDonald's Aruba
Quarter Pounder

Raise your hand if you are one of those like me who mixes the ketchup and mayo when having fries!

McDonald's Aruba

The Sundae.

McDonald's unique soft serve made an act of presence this time in white ceramic bowls for a more upscale feel. Guests were offered different toppings, my choice: Crushed Oreos.

McDonald's Aruba

To finish up the night, we were told to head outside the restaurant where a performance took place. Choreographed dancers and a steel band gave the night an extra Aruban touch, very much enjoyed by everyone.

McDonald's Aruba

If you're now intrigued to taste the improved classics at McDonald's Aruba, head over to any of the three locations on the island: Seroe Blanco, Santa Cruz and Palm Beach.

Follow McDonald's Aruba social channels to discover more.

Facebook: McDonald's Aruba


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