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  • Enrique Balestrini

The Jazziest Night of the month.

The Jazz Trip already is one of the most coveted events on the island. Let me tell you why it is something you should not miss.

The Jazz Trip Aruba

It's been already 19 editions as of yesterday, which tells you that enough interest exists to keep The Jazz Trip thriving and with a reputation of being one of the most sublime and stimulating musical experiences you can have here in Aruba, and now it is bigger since it moved to a new venue, The Astoria in San Nicolas.

For a little background on the venue, The Astoria opened in 1942 as a hotel and restaurant so it has seen some history. Currently is mostly used as an event venue where exciting things like The Jazz Trip take place in the format of pop-ups.

How did The Jazz Trip originate? Glad you asked!

The Jazz Trip Aruba
The forever dashing Ali Hector, founder of The Jazz Trip giving a welcome speech.

So the founder Ali Hector (@zhuzhedbyali) was somewhere one day listening to Jamaal Baptist play and for a moment, she closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the music, then she had a thought: "What if there is a place where musicians can play and be the center of the stage, the main attraction?". So the idea came to mind, a conversation with Mr. Baptist and friends took place and a few days later The Jazz Trip was born with its first edition at The New Pueblito Paisa. The original Jamaal Baptist trio was completed with Carlos Bislip and Ivan Quandus, in June of 2021.

In the beginning, she started inviting friends and whoever she knew would enjoy the music but quickly word of mouth started to do its thing and more and more people started contacting her to join the next edition. Now it is an always sold-out event.


The courtyard of The Astoria was decorated to offer a cozy vibe for the occasion. String lights hanging, candles and tables under the trees were more than perfect for sitting down and enjoying the jazzy tunes played live by some of the most prominent musicians this island has to offer.

The Jazz Trip offers a small but perfectly curated variety of drinks, you can have an artisanal, locally produced beer, great wines, or an Aperol Spritz! The prices are fantastic too.

This is not a dining experience! However, bites are offered and they vary in each edition. Could be tacos, chili, or anything to keep the appetite at bay.

The Jazz Trip Aruba
A bottle of HobNob Pinot Noir was the perfect choice for the jazzy night.

The Jazz Trip Aruba
Scan the menu to get an idea of the pricing.

After a time mingling and enjoying the breeze the trees provide, the lights go low and the music fills up the place. There are really no words to describe the feeling of immersion! It is time to put the phones down and let the music take center stage.

The Jazz Trip Aruba

The Jazz Trip Aruba

How do I get to attend? Glad you asked!

There is only one way to secure your attendance and that is by joining the mailing list. This is a small event where capacity is limited and honestly, it is part of its essence, to provide an intimate ambiance. Shoot them an email to join the mailing list at Seats go QUICK, so don't hesitate to book when the invite hits your inbox.

The Jazz Trip takes place every 2nd Wednesday of the month and it is never the same, the trios change, there are vocalists joining from time to time, and even touring musicians could make an appearance when visiting the island! There is always this element of surprise that keep this event on people's calendar every month.

So here you have a new idea to break your week next month. I can assure you'll love it!

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