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Is Delicious Burger for you?

Three hungry friends drove to Delicious Burger and left with some thoughts... at the end, the question is: who is this for?

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life

Established back in 2019, Delicious Burgers has been on the radar as the only food truck that offers Certified Angus Beef® and makes the famous Smash Burgers. To help you understand the difference, a Smash Burger is different from the regular because a ball of beef is flattened on a super hot griddle, making the surface area bigger which allows getting tastier and greater seared burgers. If done right, they should stay juicy!

So on a random night, two hungry friends and I drove to Savaneta to have our first Smash burger. I had no expectations, did not check their social accounts for their latest updates, just wanted to be truly surprised.

Here is the Menu:

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life
Their Located next to the main road in Savaneta

It looks good and nicely branded, they make sure you get the Certified Angus Beef® message. A screen shows pictures of each dish which is a brilliant idea, especially when you are in front of a truck and you can't decide off reading the menu alone.

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life

There is no evident seating area for waiting or eating... later on, we discovered they have a picnic table in the back of the truck, not really visible. I assume their clientele most likely take away their orders or eat in their cars.

We went BIG and ordered the BIG SMASH BURGER. (Afl 25 | $14)

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life

Described as: Double Certified Angus Beef®, double gouda cheese, bacon, egg, shoestring potatoes, lettuce, tomato, and homemade sauce.

I saw on the menu the Bacon Cheese Fries and asked to have them instead of the regular fries that come with the burger. These were Afl 7 or $4 extra.

After a little bit of a wait (be patient, these monsters take some time to be assembled), we got our boxes, and OH BOY the impression. I tried my best to make justice of the massiveness with a video, hoping it translates.

There's no really a way to tackle this one but with your bare hands and things are going to get messy, the sauce is gonna ooze out, you're gonna get burger from ear to ear trying to get a bite. The thing might fall apart altogether.

Let's talk about flavors. I personally think I got the out-of-hand order. There are a lot of things going on inside that may clash with one another. All tasty, the shoestring potato adds crunch and texture, the egg adds bounce, the bacon adds the smokiness, cheese is generous, sauce too. I am certain that a lot of people enjoy this indulgence, and reading their Facebook reviews, everybody says the place is great.

I personally think it was too much for me. My honest opinion is that the quality and sear of the beef get lost in the sauce. Maybe next time I get the burger with the sauce on the side and see what happens.

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life
A fried egg crowns the stacks of beef, bacon and cheese.

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life
Shoestring potatoes add crunch to the mix

Delicious Burger Aruba The FoodE Life
Thick strips of bacon all around.

By all means, I am encouraging you to go give it try and form your opinion. I know locally there's a huge crowd for these. Quality of ingredients is there for sure so the last thing you will get is a disappointment. Shareable? for sure. If these pics made you hungry, well... plan your drive to DB.

By taking a look at the menu the Arepa and Salchipapas are my next bet for sure.

Expensive? maybe your wallet will have to decide on that. My order was around $20 including a soda.

Just make sure you are not going for a cholesterol test in the days after your visit! 😄

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