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Julio's Corner favorites.

Ask everybody in Aruba and you'll hear Julio's Corner is a favorite. Here are my top picks from their menu.

Julio's Corner Aruba The FoodE Life

Food truck culture is huge in Aruba and Julio's Corner is a famous one! In case you haven't been introduced, Julio's offers a variety of street food specialties from Venezuela. You have them all there: Pepitos (Venezuelan Sandwich), Patacón (Fried plantain sandwich), burgers, tequeños (Fried dough wrapped around cheese), tacos, arepas, hot dogs, wraps, and pizzas. But none of these are your regular items, they all have been crafted to resemble the Venezuelan flavor from the late-night food spots that are all over the cities there. And if you have been lucky to visit Venezuela, you know what is in it for you.

Julio's corner opened years ago at the parking lot across the bowling in Sasaki (Google maps location here) and now has expanded to a second truck at the Local Market, across the gas station in L.G. Smith Boulevard (Google maps location here) both premium spots with easy access and parking. Starting 6 PM till late at night around 4 AM, Julio's ready for those who are looking for a treat.

Julio's Corner Aruba The FoodE Life
Julio's Corner Sasaki location

Everything they have is good, massive, and not for the faint of heart, but here are my top picks from their menu:

Julio's Corner Aruba The FoodE Life
Here's the menu if you want to read more.


The quintessential Venezuelan snack! Fried dough wrapped around fresh white cheese is unbeatable. Served at almost every party is a no-brainer when you start your order at Julio's Corner. Melty cheese+deep fried dough is a combination that no one can resist. They come in a basket with 3 dipping sauces: Garlic, tartar, and Rosada (ketchup+mayo). 8 pieces for $8.

Julio's Corner Aruba The FoodE Life


The Mexican specialty is served here with a Venezuelan touch. Soft or hard tortillas with beef or chicken, lettuce, corn, pico de Gallo, topped with parmesan powder cheese. They come with fries. Ask for a dash of hot sauce on top. $10.50

Julio's Corner Aruba The FoodE Life


This one is a MUST. Two crispy fried plantain layers serve as the outer layer to a wild combination of flavors. You can go for chicken or pulled beef inside along with lettuce, corn, bacon, cheese, and sauces. If you haven't tried Venezuelan street food, this is your go-to! it's massive, so definitely shareable. It's called El Carajito and the tag is $11.

Julio's Corner Aruba The FoodE Life
El Carajito.

The weekend is always close and if you feel like having a cheat meal or just treating yourself to a great option for street food in Aruba, Julio's Corner is the way to go. Trust the word on the streets, and the 201 reviews on Google. Do I need more proof?

More info about Julio's Corner:

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